Over 40 youth baseball leaders from southern Arizona representing Little League, club baseball, high school and more came together for the creation of the Tucson Youth Baseball Council.  The council's mission is to increase the participation and popularity of youth baseball in southern Arizona.  The council is made up of executive members and associate members.  The nine member executive board was voted on by the whole council, and consists of seven positions.  These members carry voting priviledges and set direction for the organization.  They are a full representation of the council, listening to any thoughts, concerns, or ideas at any time.  The positions are Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Baseball Operations, Secretary/Treasurer, Little League Liaison, Club Baseball Liaison, and High School Liaison.  The board will be in charge of meetings, events, fundraisers, tournaments, clinics and more.  

Associate members are invited to all Youth Baseball Council meetings, and carry election voting priveledges at the annual meeting.  They are encouraged to share their ideas, thoughts, comments and concerns, and are welcome to oversee all executive board meetings.  The Associate members include some of our brightest and most experienced baseball minds in our community, bringing innovation and wisdom to each meeting.  As membership grows, the voice of youth baseball will grow louder.  We encourage anyone with a passion for baseball to be a part of the Tucson Youth Baseball Association.  Every voice brings strength.   

The Tucson Youth Baseball Council Meetings will be held the second Monday of each month at 6:00pm and will be listed on the Tucson Youth Baseball Association's calendar.  The meetings will give friends, coaches and organizers a chance to get together, and not only talk baseball, but develop ne relationships in the community.  Each agenda will be set by the Council's Chairman, and will consist of an open-floor, baseball news, and all updates on future events or projects.  All topics will be open for all members to address.  

The Council has a mission of increasing the popularity of baseball in our region by providing coaches clinics, players clinics, tournaments, improving fields, providing equipment and lowering the costs to play the sport of baseball.  No child should ever have any reason that does not allow him or her to play the game of baseball.  If you have an interest in being a part of the development of a premier youth and amateur baseball and softball facility in southern Arizona, we share your interest.  If you wish to create an environment in our region that will one day be able to support Minor League and Spring Training Baseball, we share your interest.  If you wish to help make Tucson a destination tournament city that boosts our local economy, we share your interest.  If you wish to find to lower the cost for every child in our community to play Little League, we share your interest.  If you wish to renovate a local field of yours, we share your interest. 

Tucson has very rich baseball history.  Over 42 players that played youth baseball in our community have reached the Major Leagues, with hundreds more either playing in college or the minor leagues.  Tucson was home to MLB Spring Training for 65 years before leaving in 2010.  It has once been the home of USA baseball, and has produced 2 Little League World Series teams.  With your support and the rest of the community, we can continue to grow baseball in our community and make it better than it ever was.  

  • Chairman - Bill Leith
  • Vice-Chairman - Marcheta Gillespie
  • Baseball Operations - Blake Eager
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Amber Fernandez
  • Little League Liaison - Carl Thompson, Cindy Snow, Brooks Bishop
  • High School Baseball Liaison - Ruben Gabussi, Kelly Johnson, Shane Folsom
  • Club Baseball Liaison - Mike Hansen
  • George Arias
  • Jim Baldwin
  • Niki Bourassa
  • Jordan Brown
  • Michael Castaneda
  • Zach Clark
  • Bill Cox
  • Mario Fernandez
  • Keith Francis
  • Bill Fronzaglio
  • Allen Gillespie
  • Gil Heredia
  • Kendall Jamison
  • Eric Leon
  • Andy Lopez
  • Jason Matsuzawa
  • Omar Moraga
  • Scott Overlund
  • Manny Rodriguez
  • Oscar Romero
  • Anthony Sanders
  • Edgar Soto
  • Jerry Stitt
  • Heidi Tarbet
  • Jiim Tiggas
  • Rene Valdez
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